Nu Yishu Series VI: A French Salon


Nu Yishu Series VI: A French Salon

Nv Yishu is an ongoing series of separate but interconnected art exhibitions aimed at creating trans global links.  The impetus behind ‘nv yishu’ (Mandarin for female art) is the development of cultural exchange between Australian and Chinese artists.

The ‘Nv Yishu’ series based in Australia and China has the ability to enhance both cultures whilst broadening connections with artists across the world.

Nv Yishu series I to V showcased female artists whose disciplines include glass works, installation art, performance, painting, ceramics, photography, jewellery and sculpture. Many varied forms of art making and always female artists came together for five exhibition projects including Series V that toured three major cities – Melbourne – Beijing – Guangzhou.

Nv Yishu Series VI has broadened the horizon to include male artists.  We are very excited that this exhibition brings the “Ying/Yang” concept into an all-inclusive showing of artworks based on a range of female aspects.

The exhibition design is in the form of a Traditional French Salon. The gallery walls are covered with artworks, there is a secret Peep Show plus a dark room for viewing exotic films.  In the tradition of being ‘in shock’ or ‘a little voyeuristic’ the exhibition offers plenty for an audience.

Nv Yishu Series VI: Brief

A Chinese Proverb states that ‘women hold up half the sky’ which conjures up an image of all the women in the world be they short, tall, fat, thin or of different ethnicity having a single goal and standing with arms raised to keep the sky above us.

Women are complex and there are as many multifaceted differences as there are women.  As women, we celebrate this complexity in numerous ways – how do we look at ourselves, other women and how do males view women?

Each of us is different and, in art, this in itself is difficult as each of us represent the multifarious nature of women in many and varied art forms.

Throughout the history of art making ‘woman’ has been depicted as goddess, virgin, temptress, witch, angel, suffering and powerful. These depictions confirm the infinite expressive aspects in the representation of women.

In the thirteenth year of the 21st Century what ways are artists depicting women and what are they saying about women?  Do our cultures still view women as voluptuous sexual icons, virginal brides or as seething, teeth barring, long nailed sorceresses.

In the exhibition Nv Yishu Series VI: A French Salon the curators have selected 22 artists who are looking at women through contemporary eyes. From head to feet and everything else in between – physical, mental and spiritual.

The artists, who have created the selected artworks showcased in Nv Yishu Series VI: A French Salon, are currently working day by day in their studios exploring their world through their eyes, using materials that are not always traditional art materials.

They express aspects of women, including themselves, in ways that reveal or hide the psychological and physiological elements of being female.

Nv Yishu Series VI: A French Salon celebrates the tenth anniversary of Imagine Gallery in Beijing and is curated by Denise Keele-bedford in conjunction with the gallery’s French Director, Laetitia Gauden.