Nu Yishu – Series V: Viriditas – Exhibition

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Nu Yishu Series V: Viriditas, an exhibition of new collaborative art by Australian and Chinese artists, is the fifth in a series of exhibitions curated by Denise Keele-bedford, engaging with cross cultural art forms and women’s art.

The exhibition by twelve women artists; six Australians and six Chinese, consists of work created through a collaborative process where each Australian artist is partnered with an artist from China.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day and the Year of Australian Culture in China, this multicultural and multi-media exhibition includes installation, painting, photography, ceramics and performance. 

As an “Imagine Australia” event (, the “Nu Yishu” (Female Art in Mandarin) project focuses on untangling misconceptions about the “other culture” regarding Contemporary Art Practice, broadening and opening opportunities for discussion on individual, cultural and social perspectives.

Viriditas denotes lushness and vitality. It has been translated in various ways, such as freshness, fertility, fecundity, fruitfulness, verdure, or growth.

The intention, through pairing and collaboration, is for each artist to respond to their artist partner, their art practice, philosophy, theories, techniques and influences, thereby increasing knowledge and understanding of the two cultures and delivering this to a broader audience.

All of the artists share a belief in the value of communication as a key to understanding and growth. Their experience of working together to develop a new body of work, exhibiting the works, plus a series of talks and workshops, has great benefit for their professional development and the communities they work within on urban fringes. The issues raised by this process will span what it is to be a woman making art in the relative isolation of Melbourne’s urban fringe and how that compares to the experience of an artist in the highly politicized and booming market that is China today. The exhibition considers the ability of art and art making to bridge that divide, and to encompass the intricacies of various cultural approaches.

The major difference between the Chinese and Australian artists is age. Not the age of the individual, but the age of historical development, the age of their cultures and heritages, that significantly underpins their place in the world at this time. While Chinese cultural heritage can be traced back 5000 to 6000 years and white Australia less than 250 years, indigenous Australians, represented by Koori artist Megan Cadd, have lived and developed their culture for more than 40000 years on this continent.

Nu Yishu – Series V: Viriditas Exhibition Venues :
2nd – 19th March, 2011 – Manningham Gallery Doncaster – Melbourne – Australia
10th April – 5th June, 2011 – Imagine Gallery – Beijing – China
18th June – 28th August, 2011 – Redtory Art and Living District – Guangzhou – China