Nu Yishu – Series V: Viriditas – Artists

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Jane Annois (Ceramist) and Xu Xiaoyan (Painter)

Jane has explored different styles and techniques, including raku and ‘Terre Vernisee’, a French style of terracotta. Her interests are in innovative contemporary approaches to this traditional craft while using local colors and textures.  Like Xu Xiaoyan, Jane is influenced by the earth and ‘the natural’, by the textural qualities of the materials. Xu Xiaoyan builds strong relief-like surfaces through the heavy application of oil paint. Both artist reference a deep and abiding interest in the environment.

Liliana Barbieri (Photographer) and Feng Ling (Performance Art)

Liliana’s work spans a variety of media including painting, installation and photography. She was born in Italy and came to Australia as a child. She has strong links with her Italian heritage that reflect in her artwork, in particular repeated use of the Madonna figure, in layered ambiguous imagery. Feng Ling has traveled to Italy and created performance pieces there, and also has an interest in the Madonna in art and culture.

Megan Cadd (Assemblage) and Huang Yin (Painter)

Megan is a self taught indigenous artist with ancestors of both Yorta Yorta and Wotjabaluk. Her work is strongly influenced by her family, and cultural heritage, and uses found objects to create assemblages with references to popular culture that tell poignant stories about her life and family. Huang Yin is also concerned with personal heritage. Huang Yin uses the figure of a boy as metaphor to explore the life of her father during the Cultural Revolution and the influence of his experiences on her life today.

Dawn Csutoros (Painter) and Xie Dong (Ceramist)

Dawn’s abstract minimal works range from luminous pastels to vibrant acrylics and more recently contemplative ink works on traditional mulberry paper. She has a long standing interest in Eastern philosophy which is explored through formal elements in her work. Through the process of hand layering pastel and pure pigment onto paper and the multilayered glazing of paint on canvas and linen, sensuality is achieved in the surface, and that attention to materiality is echoed in the work by Xie Dong’s exquisite porcelain works.

Denise Keele-bedford (Installation) and Cai Jin (Painter)

Denise uses a variety of media to reflect a conceptual engagement with cultural diversity, correlation, belief systems, rituals and associated icons. Her interests lay in the diversity of people, cultures and environments. Her signature use of red, evocative and dramatic, is echoed in the work by painter Cai Jin, who uses many surfaces as her canvas, often different objects with fabric covers. She reflects on the rich fabrics of her history and childhood around opera costumes.

Judy Trembath (Ceramist) and Gao Yuan (Photographer)

Judy creates her ceramics and commemorative commissions in her Cottles Bridge studio. Different firing techniques that cause unrestrained tonal finishes interest her. Eastern ceramic design including decal application has influenced her recent work. Both Judy Trembath and Gao Yuan engage with the idea of the domestic, and the traditional roles of women, using in Gao Yuan’s work the image of mother and child, and in Judy Trembath the domestic object.