Exhibitions – 2008

Beat Kuert Solo Exhibition

Destroyed Lines

Medium: Digital painting, Video, Live Performance
Artist: Beat Kuert (Switzerland)
Live Performance by Megumi Shimizu (Japan), Francesca Martire (Italy), Paola Fiorido (Italy)
Time: November 23 – December 31, 2008
Venue: Imagine Gallery
Publication: “Destroyed Lines”, catalog (Design: Red Box, Publisher: Timezone)
Partner: DustAndScratches
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Barbara Piatti Solo Exhibition

Beijing Short Cuts

Media: Oil painting on canvas
Artist: Barbara Piatti (France / Switzerland)
Time: October – November 2008
Venue: Imagine Gallery
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THREE MONKS Group Exhibition

Artists: Guillaume Janot (France), Nan Hao (China)
Russell Beighton (UK), Tony Trembath (Australia)
Medium: Photography, Installation, Video, Painting
Time: September – October 2008
Venue: Imagine Gallery

Wang Li Min Solo Exhibition

China Praise

Media: Oil painting on canvas
Artist: Wang Limin
Time: June – July, 2008
Venue: Imagine Gallery

Maria Das Dores Solo Exhibition


Media: Video Installation
Artist: Maria Das Dores (France)
Time: June 6, 2008, from 6 to 9pm
Venue: Imagine Gallery
Exhibition supported by the Basque Association of Shanghai, Shanghaiko Euskal Etxea 

Thoma Ryse Solo Exhibition


Media: Acrylic painting
Artist: Thoma Ryse (France)
Time: April – May 2008
Venue: Imagine Gallery


Fortunee Noel Solo Exhibition

New Works

Media: Painting on Plexiglas
Artist: Fortunee Noel (France / Israel)
Time: February – March 2008
Venue: Imagine Gallery
Exhibition Supported by The Embassy of Israel in Beijing