Exhibitions – 2007

 NON PRESENT Group Exhibition

Artists: Lee Xee (China), Peter Kveseth (Norway), Yan Zhenxing (China)
Francois Bossiere (France), Marc Baufrere (France), Xu Chang (China)
Zhong Zhao (China), Wang Xuejun (China)
Live Performance: Megumi Shimizu (Japan)
Medium: Oil painting, ink, glycero, sculpture
Time: November 2007 – January 2008

Denise Keele-bedford Solo Exhibition

One mOOnlit Night – Lunar 08.15

Media: sculpture, installation
Artist: Denise Keele-bedford (Australia)
Time: Sept.25 – Nov.14, 2007
Venue: Imagine Gallery
Exhibition supported by The Embassy of Australia in Beijing

Laurens Tan Solo Exhibition

Banana – Beng-Beng, The depth of Ease

Medium: sculpture, installation, digital painting, video
Artist: Laurens Tan (Australia)
Time: Aug.26 – Sept.23, 2007
Venue: Imagine Gallery

Russell Beighton Solo Exhibition 


Medium: painting
Artist: Russell Beighton (UK)
Time: June 16 – August 22, 2007
Venue: Imagine Gallery

Shen Jingdong Solo Exhibition

10 years make a hero

Medium: oil painting on canvas, sculpture
Artist: Shen Jingdong (China)
Time: April – May, 2007
Venue: Imagine Gallery

Cheng Yong Solo Exhibition

Touch & Diagnoze

Medium: painting, sculpture, photography
Artist: Cheng Yong (China)
Time: March 2007
Venue: Imagine Gallery

Richard Lee Solo Exhibition

Outside the Center

Media: Oil painting on canvas
Artist: Richard Lee (Australia)
Time: February 2007
Venue: Imagine Gallery
Exhibition Supported by The Embassy of Australia in Beijing