Wang Limin – Biography

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Born 02.16.1974

1989-1994 Studied at Central Academy of Art & Design and Central Academy of Fine Arts
1994 Major in Art of Ceramics, Central Academy of Art & Design
1998 Graduated from the Central Academy of Art & Design (Now Tsinghua University College of Fine Arts), Bachelor of Literature
1999 Visited Technology University of Hong Kong
2001 Visited Paris Fine-Art College
         Visited State of Fine-Art College of Italy
         Visited Fine-Art Association of Italy
2005 Graduated from Beijing Normal University with Master of Literature, Major in Pedagogy

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2008 China Praise– Wang Limin’s Solo Exhibition, Imagine Gallery, Beijing
2003 Wang Limin’s Solo Exhibition, Pickled Art Center, Beijing

Selected Group Exhibitions
2009″Unique ART.NO12″CHinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition,Beijing,China
2008 New York Bridge Art Fair, presented by Imagine Gallery, New York, USA
         “China Deconstructed” Virginia Miller Galleries, Miami, USA
2007 Chinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition , Beijing
         2007 Video and Art Exhibition of International Multi-media, Seoul, Korea
         “Art Beijing 2007” International Gallery Exhibition, presented by Imagine Gallery, National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing
         2007 Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Beijing Artist Village Gallery
         The 4th Korea-China Fine Arts Exchange Exhibition, Chungju, Korea
2006 “Art Beijing 2006” International Gallery Exhibition, presented by Imagine Gallery, National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing         
          2006 China-Korea Beijing Fine Arts Exchange Exhibition, Art Today Gallery, Beijing
2005 The “Fascinating” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Art Center of BIAC, Beijing
         “X Group” International art festival (Beijing)
         “Mi Zui” art Exhibition BIAC Art Centre (Beijing)
2003 Christmas Group Exhibitions of 45 Artists Works, Tokyo Gallery, Beijing 
         Exhibition at Pickled Art Centre (Beijing)
1999 Ceramics Exhibition (Beijing)
1997-1998 Joint Exhibition at Fine Art College (Beijing)
1995 Invitational Exhibition of Cunshang Art Gallery, Cunshang Art Gallery, Japan

<Collection.Today Art> August Edition, 2006
<China Modern Art 2006>
<China Canvas> March, April Edition, 2007

Prize of painting and calligraphy competition at Central Academy of Art and Design, Beijing, China
“Excellent Award” for China Fine Art Gallery
1997 “Award of Fine Art Gallery” of Japan
One of the art work was selected by CCTV
Art work “Human Relation” was collected by State Museum of China

Working Experience
Chairman of painting and calligraphy association, Central Academy of Art & Design
Currently Teaching at the Beijing City University as Instructor
Deputy of  Teaching Director for Fine Art College