Shen Jingdong – Statement

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In 1997, while I was making “the Book of Hundred Surnames Series” work, I simultaneously started the creation of “Hero Series”, which was purely accidental. At that time I was already for the 7th year in the army cultural work group. Although these seven years served the army, psychologically, being continuously in the army’s creation way was starting to be repellent.

In 1997 our cultural group rolled the rehearsal modern drama “Tiger To be apart from Clock Mountain”, which amused me as I tried a 50’s military uniform from an actor and I shoot a picture; the effect was pretty good and it turned out like a piece of art, then I printed it big.

Thereupon I did in the same year a solo exhibition in Nanjing, which I named “Image of Great Person”.
Afterwards from 1997 to 2002, I participated in many local and foreign exhibitions, where the audience would take a photo souvenir in front of the image, then I would exhibit these photo souvenir in following exhibitions.
Simultaneously I had also working in many oil paintings according to the pictures done and subject.

In 2002 while in Nanjing, I made “Image of Great Person” in sculptures, in order to portray an ordinary person to lovable hero, thinking of Mao Zedong, Lei Feng, Xiao Balu puppet of my childhood, the Xian warriors, Wuxi Da Afu toy, Zhang China figurines and Japan’s cartoon art.

What the most but to think by yourself; actually I wanted to express my own doubt to myself, even the general human doubt. While completing this sculpture work, I abandoned all technical methods, completely playing the mud like a child, and because I haven’t studied sculpture, everything changed to simple.
“Heroic Series” sculptures in 2003 joins “Dissimilar Same —- China and Slovenia Art Exchange Exhibition”, for the first time in the Shanghai Duolun art museum.

In 2004, I started to attempt to paint this group of sculptures.
In June 2004, I was the first artist invited for the launch of Chinese artist-in-residence program by Red Gate Gallery in Beijing, and I then kept engaged in the Beijing artistic creation.

In 2006 all of this previous work obtained comprehensive launching, as the technique became more and more mature, the appearance also more and more clear, approved and highly praised by an overwhelming majority of people.
Thinking of these 10 years, I am a serviceman, with an independent artist posture, not much cheered, not having much commercial opportunities and few exhibitions, but just keeping a deep love for art.