Megumi Shimizu – Statement

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Performance works

From childhood, I was interested in “Organic shape made from controlled action”.
Sometime, I obtain certain action in my own life. And the contradiction in
the society is an inspiration source of my performance work.
I don’t express it directly. Audience can feel it from their own backgrounds.


1 ) Organic Movement _Damantou(Big dough)1
24, March, 2007 / Yixiang Gallery / 798 Art district, Beijing China

My question or emotion is so tiny in this world,
It seems that a small ant or a small amount of color comes in the dough,
then they are kneaded and disappeared.
However, the dough becomes something a different if much color are mixed and kneaded.

2 ) Organic Movement _Kind of ceremony
22, April, 2007 / “Guyu” performance event / Xi’an China

I studied Japanese and Chinese traditional painting, and then
I am interested in colors of Asia and the sign meaning of them.
It was inspired from “five elements” of China. Natural materials ware
put in five glass bowls.
(Black of buckwheat, Yellow of mum flowers, Red of matrimony vines and jujubes,
Green of green beans , White of water).
Piling up those bowls of the top and bottom, then
taking up one by one, materials fall down on the ground and it’s looks like a mandara.
Originally, my plan of this performance is at the field in the country side.
I thought the mandala is eaten insects and birds, then be rotted away
and disappear then this performance work is finished.
But I did this performance in the Xi’an city, then after performance,
I picked up the mandala,
brought it to the suburbs of Beijing. Then I talked with a farmer and composted
it as manure to the field.
This performance was entirely finished there.

June , 2007 /“June alliance”/ Songzhuan , Beijing , China

Red Chinese law paper that had been written “Off- limits” were wrapped around the woods,
also I was wrapped with the white law paper.
When I was playing three strings (Okinawa folk instrument) and sang song,
the audience started dancing, then papers were broken by the audience.

The news that is so important might not be reported by somebody’s restricting.
When the news doesn’t influence our own life directly,
It’s easy to be forgotten without any impression.

4) Two-Thirds of Polar Bears extinct in 42 Years as Sea Ice Shrinks
23, September , 2007 / “open” performance festival / Open art space,
798 art district, Beijing

To make five ice cubes that has the pig heart
in the center, and to put on the Chinese law paper of the polar bear’s shape.
Then I play the singing bowl until ice had finished melting.
It was for about five hours.

This time, my father had sick and he had only few weeks for living,
I thought about a short lease on life.

5) Organic Movement_Damantou2
18 , November , 2008 / Imagine Garally , Beijing

To mix some amount of green and blue pigments in dough, and put it in the glass bowl.
It looked like the earth. The dough ferments and then begins to overflow
from the inside whenever the day passes.

6Objective & Subjective
8, March, 2008 / Huang Yan Art Center / Beijing

To write “Subjective” on step and “Objective” above in respect on side.
One character in each steps.
(There are ten steps in the stairs),
and To spill the yolk from my mouth at each steps.
The yolk goes down along on the wall and collects on the floor. Because height is
each amounts of yolks that was collected on the ground are different too.
The amount of yolk that went down from highest step was less
than yolk that went down from lowest step.
Objectivity and the subjectivity are always consistencies like these yolks.

7Revenge in Harmony
8, March, 2008 / Huang Yan Art Center / Beijing

The mind becomes painful if u argue (fight) with the person.
I want to know that why we fight, how can I stop it.
The “hate” can become a chance to take up the tomahawk enough.
I wanted to do this performance to understand something with
a true peaceful coexistence and to change myself.

There was a big ditch for setting the machine in the art
gallery ( it was a factory before.)
The nineteen lids are made from glass on the ditch.
I turned a spotlight on, dripped the drop of water,
and pasted Chinese law paper on several pieces of glass.
Then I put nineteen hearts of pig that were frozen on every one piece of glass,
Then they were grinded by the grinder. They were look like the sun.
Afterwards, I go into the ditch, broke every eggs from under the hart one by one.
Then to drink Color water that was mixed with food color in glass
bowl (yellow, blue, and red).
White clothes were dyed in yellow, blue, green, red and brown order by
spilling color water.

14, 15 , June , 2008 / Egg gallery / Beijing

It produced by Alessandro Rolandi ( Italy ).
Performer : Lulu / Yoko Taketani / Lulu
Me and two other artists (contemporary dancer and graphic designer) collaborated.
After doing training for involuntary movement six times,
then performance is done. It’s a research of uncontrolled movement that is from
neutral spirit.

9Organic Movement Core
21, June, 2008 / the Central Academy of Fine Art / Beijing China
8,Augst,2008 / Duolun Museum of Modern Art / Shanghai China
19 , November, 2008

As a problem after “Variation”,
1) I don’t do contemporary dance, I do performance.
2) How to use the action.
3) How to relate with materials.
then I tried to do performance with simple materials.
The performance was made up starting with the image of first training.
To use a white cloth that is 4.6m x4.6m.
I started some term of action from each corner,cloth was changed by my action.
It looked like…

10) Two-Thirds of Polar Bears extinct in 42 Years as Sea Ice Shrinks_2
27, July, 2008 / 809 new media art festibal / Hubei, China

During audiences eat ice, to draw their shadow on the ground by water.
Water dries and disappears soon.
To piles up ten white ice creams on the ground, and to make polar bear’s shape
then write, ” Two-Thirds of Polar Bears extinct in 42 Years as Sea Ice Shrinks”
by melted ice soup.
The character dries at once, disappears, also the ice polar bear is melted and
disappears in a hot day of summer.

11) The Nighthawk Star (for Chinese river dolphin “Baiji”)_1
(also inspired from the novel written by Kenji Miyazawa)
2, Aug, 2008 / Performance art festivals / Changsha, China

To put my hand on lotus seed on the street, and making the hand shape.
I did it at 5 different places and I fasted during the day.
Then, to float lotus seed to the Changsha River next day.

Chinese river dolphin is Critically endangered by Three Gorges Dam.

12) The Nighthawk Star _ 2
2, Aug, 2008 / Performance art festivals / Changsha, China

To put sunflower seed on elevator’s handrail and move with seed.
I did it hall of the buildings, and there were 3 coins in the bowl.
A Chinese artist swallowed them on the top floor of building.