Bard Breivik – Statement

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Breivik sees sculptures as material, and although the classical sculptural problems interest him,
he places emphasis on the sculptures’ actual forms and pictorial quality.

Breivik is continually exploring the relationship between mass and material, shape,
structure and scale, the various stages from first to final form, and the potential
inherent in different materials. He seeks to create perfect congruence between the
shape and the form, and issues he has addressed in one series are often continued in
another. Breivik′s structures can be seen as commentary on man-made structures –
hollow shells around a volume – but can also be interpreted as vessels for the
artist′s own experiences and memories. They evoke exploration of basic shapes,
materials, necessities, and craftsmanship in different cultures. Breivik aims to
test the absolute limit of a given material, such as wood, stone, and more recently,
plastic and bronze, in forms that have been rendered digitally.

Breivik′s large sculptures lend themselves well to large spaces, as seen in his many
public commissions.ard Breivik lives and works in Norway, Sweden and China.