Barbara Piatti – Statement

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I met the artist a year ago in Berlin, at her exhibition there. At first I was surprised to see that the intensive program of her show was so rich. There was oil on canvas and Chinese ink on paper,landscapes, city scenes and people, just life. Delicate movements, full of wonderful pointed accents, gave the paintings depth and another dimension. Barbara Piatti is a narrator. Her paintings are talking about life, meeting people and at the same time they are a diary of her unsaturated curiosity. But there is something else, there is mathematic movement. You could probably compare and describe a part of her works with a mathematic formula. What you can see on canvas and paper is just amazing. Behind the clear and structured way of painting you discover a new romanticism. Even small works possess high qualities. They need space and they take it. Piatti’s works are philosophical and precious. You sink into them; feel the force of nature and the author’s power. She is a traveler, always looking for what may be next: invisibility, unspeakable things and what is proper for discoverers: to surmount horizons, to open new perspectives. Her art reflects all the contrasts life is giving to us.

With her techniques and intelligent presence she is always able to create harmony, in spite of quoted contrasts. In her strong presence the works wake up our demands and longings to share the artist’s unsaturated curiosity. B. P. the painter, like she calls herself, but she is much more for me. She is a painter, philosopher and a contemporary traveler, but always an artist. She is a discovery. In business language (market report) you call it a small cap, and for you?

Jean Kaempf, Germany, Hamburg, September 2008