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May-June 2013: CONFLUENCE, Barbara Piatti at The Embassy Of Switzerland, Beijing

Frenetic. Vibrant. At times elegant, at times gut-wrenching. Day and night, the Chinese city fascinates. A world away from the serene calm of the Swiss Alps, and yet… an immutable bond has held between the two countries since 1906.

A tableau of a night train running at full steam, against a comforting backdrop of lush hills. This could be beginnings of a poem about the enduring link between Switzerland and China. Barbara Piatti has taken it upon herself to create unique visual statements in this light.

The brush-strokes of an artist steeped in Impressionism and Fauvism seek to capture instants for eternity from among the mad rush of Chinese society.

This is not only a convergence of the modern and the contemporary, but also above all a meeting of two cultures, the east and the west. By Jonathan Boehm, May 2013. (Translated from French version by William White)


Nov. 2010-Jan. 2011: East Meets West: Shanghai-New York, Barbara Piatti Solo Exhibition at Bale, Switzerland