About us

Imagine Gallery was created in May 2003 by French Laetitia Gauden, Imagine Gallery Director, who has been living in Beijing since 1998.

Imagine Gallery gives the opportunity to international artists to come exchanging an artistic experience in Beijing, including Exhibitions Shows, Artists in Residency program, Artistic Creation and Meetings, indeed Collaboration with Chinese and foreign artists living in Beijing.

Imagine Gallery is situated on the north-east side of Beijing, (15 mns from downtown and 15 mns from airport), near by a small village.

The Gallery Space is set in a “factory style” site where there are a series of working and living studios of Chinese and foreign artists.
Since 2003, 47 Exhibitions Shows have been featured, with artists of 15 different nationalities.

Imagine Gallery has participated to China International Gallery Exposition Fair in 2005, 2006 and 2007, Art Beijing fair in 2006 , 2007 and 2010, Bridge Art Fair New York in 2008, and has been involved, curator, coordinator and manager in others projects as the Western Academy of Beijing’s Sculptures Park in 2005, and WAB HS opening August 2006, Critical Mass Exhibition at HYCAC, and coordinating projects for Bard Breivik (Norway), Saint Clair Cemin (Brazil), Kehinde Wiley (USA) and Not Vital (Switzerland) in China, besides many others realizations and projects with artists in residency at Imagine Gallery.

Represented Artists:

Barbara Piatti (France/Switzerland)
Bard Breivik (Norway)
Beat Kuert (Switzerland)
Cheng Yong (China)
Claire Maugeais (France)
Dawn Csutoros (Australia)
Denise Keele-Bedford (Australia)
Fortunee Noel (France/Israel)
Guillaume Janot (France)
Huang Yin (China)
Jean-Christophe Nourisson (France)
Laetitia-May Le Guelaff (France)
Megumi Shimizu (Japan)
Nan Hao (China)
Peter Gardiner (Australia)
Richard Lee (Australia)
Shen Jingdong (China)
Thoma Ryse (France)
Wang Limin (China)

Other Artists who have been showing at Imagine Gallery Exhibitions
space & Art Fairs(not including represented artists):

Alessandro Rolandi (Italy)
Ariana McLoughlin (USA)
Axi (China)
Benoit Coze (France)
Box 1035 – Alysse Stepanian & Philip Mantione (USA)
Carole Monterrain (France)
Christian Xatrec (USA/France)
Christine Bellerose (Canada)
Claudie Dadu (France)
Dorothee Selz (France)
Douglas Lewis (Canada)
Erin Ko (USA)
Evelyna Liang Kan (HK)
Evelyne Noviant (France)
Francois Bossiere (France)
Frederic Clavere (France)
Gregory Baillard (France)
Guo Bin (China)
Hou Qin (China)
Huang Yuan (China)
Jayanta Mondai (India)
Jean Klimack (Canada)
Jean-Marc Dallanegra (France)
Judas Arrieta (Spain)
K-denza (France)
Kinta Buck (Australia)
Kristiina Koskentola (Finland)
Laurie Ljubojevic (Canada)
Laurent Septier (France)
Laurens Tan (Australia)
Lee Xee (China)
Liang Yue (China)
Liliana Barbieri (Australia)
Ling Fei (China)
Lucille Yuk Yin Lo (HK)
Lu Yunting (China)
Mahmoud Yekta (Iran/Austalia)
Marc Baufrere (France)
Maria Das Dores (France)
MD.Atiqul Islam (India)
Milla-Kariina Oja (Finland)
Mirela Invaciu (Roumania)
Nicolas Cabrera (Spain)
Nicola L. (USA/France)
3 Oranges productions (China)
Pan Yiqun (China)
Pekka Litmanen (Finland)
Petter Kveseth (Norway)
Reza Rahman (India)
Russell Beighton (UK)
Sabine Mohr (Germany)
Sehal (France)
Shi Wei (China)
Sylvie Reno (France)
Tao Aimin (China)
Tony Trembath (Australia)
Tung-Wen Margue (Luxembourg)
Virginie Mounicot (France)
Wang Xuejun (China)
Wu Yang (China)
Xu Chang (China)
Yan Zhenxing (China)
Zhong Zhao (China)

Other artists whose a/some project(s) have been managed by
Imagine Gallery (not including represented artists,
shown artists and artists in residency):

Jean-Telly Kongolo (France)
Justin Bennie (Australia)
Kehinde Wiley (USA)
Lei Yu (China)
Li Gang (China)
Liu Futian (Japan)
Not Vital (Switzerland)
Randy Moore (USA)
Saint Clair Cemin (Brazil)
Shi Zhongying (China)